Neon Paint Party


NEONSPLAT – Paint-Party is the live entertainment phenomenon that exploded onto the scene with a sold-out live tour production and a show concept that leads fans on a journey of unimaginable atmospheres and unforgettable emotions – at every show. A concert revolution that has swept the world of electronic music, blurring the line between fantasy and reality and visualizing affection and artistic creation in the form of NEON PAINT.

  • Every Thursday the Neon Paint Party will be at Candy Club in the centre of the resort.
  • Customers should arrive at 12 midnight at Candy Club.
  • The party starts with DJ’s and MC’s playing all the best music from around the world.
  • Then the countdown to the Paint starts and then it’s Paint time!
  • Customers should be aware everyone will be covered in paint and so should wear clothes they don’t mind being covered in paint.
  • Glow in the dark exclusively at Candy Club.